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Playing slot machines, whether you play at your local casino or play online slots is exactly what the casinos want you to do. The way that slot machines are designed allows the casinos to receive a certain percentage of every dollar that is played through a machine. These percentages differ from one slot machine to another, but the fact is that each machine does pay a certain percentage back to the players and a certain percentage to the house over the long run.

This amount that they keep is what is called the house edge. Because of this house edge, you can not beat the slots over a long period of play. There is one exception to the last statement. You could hit one of the very large progressive jackpots which may make you an overall winner at the slots, but this is on par with your chances of winning the big lottery.

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So is there a way to alter this house edge, or at least make your slots bankroll last longer? That is the main question we have tried to answer here at online slots systems. Once you are ready to play we've listed the best online casinos for playing slot machines below.

We have reviewed slot systems and also discussed a few of our own thoughts on winning at the slot machines. You can find the main sections of the web site in the menus above each page. I want to make one thing perfectly clear before moving on though. I have never found a real slot system that actually would let me beat the slots on a consistent basis. The closest thing I have come across is the progressive slots system but I do not have the bankroll to use it and I don't know many slot machine players who do.

However, that does not mean that you can't use online slots systems to make your bankroll stretch as far as possible. There are effective systems to make your slots play longer and more enjoyable, so we have focused on these. One thing that many people ask me when looking for a slots system is which slot machines are the best to use a system on. With the exception of the progressive jackpot system mentioned above, this mostly depends on what you like to play. I enjoy the old 3 reel slot machines and the new video slots that look and act like the old 3 reel machines. I also prefer ones with a small jackpot attached to them, but it really doesn't matter what you play unless you have access to the programmed payout percentages for the slot machines. These percentages are kind of hard to come by, but if you can find this information then you should play the machines that have the smallest house edge.

I know many people play slots religiously, but the best piece of advice I can offer is to play slot machines for fun. I play slots, but never with the idea that I will beat them over the long run. If I want to play a game that can be beaten I play poker, blackjack or jacks or better video poker (with a good pay table and a good comp program). Have fun exploring the site and at the slot machines and best of luck!

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Online Slots Systems has looked around to find some really great FREE slots apps for you to try out.

House of Fun is an amazing slots app with free social casino games. You can play House of Fun (by PlayTika UK) on any Android powered tablets and mobile phones.

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If you want to play the best online casino slots for real money then I suggest checking out the casino reviews on (OSC). You'll discover the most fun online slot casinos to play that are offering real cash payouts exclusive to OSC visitors.

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